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Before you Make a Purchase,
please read Our FAQ and Terms and Conditions Below

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Privacy Policy

Who uses these plays?

Schools, church groups and clubs across the world are using them, including those with a more limited musical background.

Can I download a play?

Yes, all titles can be downloaded online.

What is included in the Purchase Price?

In our standard package you receive a Photocopiable script, CD, lyrics and a free basic score for guitar/piano. Some plays have a dual format CD which means you print the script and sheet music yourself. No charge is normally made for sheet music, which is electronically generated and only intended as a rough guide. A performance licence for schools and clubs is also included FREE.

Our downloadable package is identical (but of course you make the CD yourself)

What is the quality of the recordings?

The quality can be judged by listening to the music samples on the website. You can expect good clear stereo reproduction. The recordings are made in a small studio or on-site in schools. You should not expect fabulous multi-million pound recordings.

What Musical Ability Do I Need?

None at all. Children can sing along to the instrumental tracks on the CD. You can use a traditional approach with piano etc. but most schools opt to perform them karaoke-style (or a mixture of both approaches)

What Performance licence do we need and how much will it cost us?

It costs you nothing to perform these plays in a non-profitable organisation such as a school or drama club. You get a free licence for up to 3 performances at one venue. It can be renewed easily and cheaply so you can perform the same show again at a future time.

Do you provide orchestral parts?

No, but you are free to experiment with your own arrangements.

Are the Plays Easy to Perform?

The scripts are very child-friendly. They are "held together" with narrations which reduce the need for prompting. The songs are very simple and deliberately repetitive and easy to learn. They are not always suitable for schools with an accomplished musical background, unless you want a quick, snappy, easy-to-stage production which you can adapt if necessary.

Can we alter the scripts and lyrics?

Yes, but we retain the copyright.

What Equipment Do We Need?

A CD Player is essential, and a microphone PA system is desirable for a performance.

How long are the plays?

About 45-60 minutes. Some shorter "assembly" plays are also available.

How Much Rehearsal Time is Needed?

About 6 to 8 one hour rehearsals are normally quite sufficient.

We have been disappointed with so many other scripts and songs. Can we read the scripts and hear the songs before we buy?

Yes. Script samples and music excerpts are provided on the website. Or at our discretion we also have a perusal service. See below.

PERUSAL SERVICE: Our musical plays are not nornally sent on free approval because of illegal copying. However, at our discretion, you can have a perusal copy.
By request, we have introduced a low cost no risk perusal service for UK clients.
It works like this:
1) Visit our website and find a title that looks suitable. (Examine script and music samples.)
2) Order it by email, fax, telephone or snail mail.
3) We send you the title with a 30 day invoice.
4) If it's suitable, you keep it and pay the invoice. (At this point, you can pay online if you wish.)
5) If it's not suitable, you return it within 7 working days at your own cost with a cheque for £10.00 This covers our admin & shipping costs and the cost of raw materials. (We only send out brand new scripts and CD's)

Companies tend not to offer this service, because of the risk of illegal copying.
But as a drama teacher I have sometimes committed large sums on a drama production which seemed perfect but actually turned out to be less suitable than envisaged. I trust schools and clubs to be honest.)

Other benefits of choosing one of our productions:
· No hidden costs. The price includes script, CD, songsheets, free score and all performance licences necessary for an entire school / club drama production. You can also make CD's or videos of your show for fund raising etc.
· No VAT to pay
· Scripts, scores and CD's are copiable for use by the purchaser.
· Scripts and lyrics may be altered to suit your pupils. (We retain the copyright.)

Terms and Conditions before Placing an Order.

1) REFUNDS POLICY: Refunds can be given for faulty/missing/erroneous mail order items if you advise us within 48 hours (or 2 working days) of receiving the goods.
(Email address
Due to illegal copying, our plays and music are not normally sent on free approval and are not normally returnable. Downloadable items are non-refundable but if you have have difficulties beyond our control you can pay a small fee to have CD's sent to you instead. You should check their suitability before purchase. Refunds/ Returns on the grounds of non-suitability are made at our discretion because of the copiable nature of the materials. Music samples and script samples are available on the website If we agree to accept the return of a package on the basis of non-suitability you will be liable for: a) The original shipping cost. b) The cost of returning the package to us. c) A cancellation/perusal charge

2) Orders are normally despatched within 48 hours by first class mail or airmail. Please allow normal delivery times. If you accidentally supply an erroneous or incomplete address, you will be liable for the cost of resending the package.

3) Queries and complaints by email please to:
4) Faulty, erroneous or missing items should be advised by email within 48 hours of receiving the package. You will receive a prompt personal reply.
5) Rehearsals of a script should not normally take place until payment has been arranged.
6) Despatch of your order will be confirmed by email only if we know your email address.
7) Email addresses may be kept on file but never divulged to anyone else.
8) a) All printed materials are photocopiable by a single user only. Scripts and lyrics may be amended to suit your pupils, but all amended materials remain the copyright of Magic Parrot Productions UK
No printed or recorded materials may be lent, hired, sold or otherwise distributed without our consent.
8 b) You may make 2 backup CD's or tapes as a precaution against failure of a CD during a performance. We assume no liability for a CD which fails during non-domestic use.
9) A free performance licence applies to schools and non-fee paying clubs only. Under the terms of this performance licence: a) Within a period of one year from purchase :You may perform the play in one purchasing institution at one venue for an entire production (e.g. a set of three school performances) You may charge an audience a moderate fee in the interests of school/club fund raising or recouping costs. b) You may not sell the CD or make copies to sell, unless you have our specific permission. c) If you wish to make CD's etc. of your performance, they may only be distributed as a normal small scale school venture (e.g. 50 copies sold at a nominal charge for fund raising.) d) You (or parents etc) may distribute tapes, Cd's, videos of a performance as long as this is a normal small scale school venture (e.g. 50 copies sold at a nominal charge for fund raising) e) For all other commercial use or to have a performance licence extended or renewed you MUST contact us first. 10) Cheques are processed by us (Magic Parrot Productions) but credit card and other online payments are handled by a separate secure facility. You are advised to keep a printed copy of all transactions. Queries regarding online payments should be directed to the company concerned, but we need to know too, as we are interested in your satisfaction. Please email or telephone us first if you are not happy with the goods you have received. We will do our best to put it right QUICKLY. ALL ABOUT US